New Rapid 10 minute test for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Now available at MCS Diagnostics BV: a new Rapid 10 minute lateral flow test for COVID-19:

product link:…d-19-coronavirus/ ‎

Pain Points This Test Relieves:

  • The lab crisis currently unfolding. Labs are over burdened and workforce is scarce calling for new testing methods.
  • Our point of care test mitigates current high costs of other tests.
  • Need rapid testing to flatten the bell curve.
  • Strained and limited workforce in labs available.

Current Workflow:

Tests currently require a blood draw and the sample is sent to a lab where staff process the sample and results.

New Workflow With POC Covid-19 Test

  • Tests are conducted on the spot with a simple finger stick with results in 10 min.
  • This alleviates the lab involvement, reduces the length of time from test to diagnosis and ultimately treatment.
  • Rapid results provide rapid control of the spread.
  • Reduces the burden in the healthcare workforce.
  • Significantly reduces the costs associated with current methods.
  • Minimizes exposure for healthcare workers, to these patients.