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MCS Diagnostics has been a pioneer in rapid testing and detection solutions for the dairy industry since 1997. We offer a wide range of premium products such as test kits and related equipment and accessories for dairy farms—efficient and cost-effective solutions that contribute to safe and high-quality dairy products. We make ordering as easy as possible and ensure fast delivery. So check out our products now and contact us, with no obligation, for more information.

The challenges of dairy farms

As a farmer or producer within the dairy industry, you are continually faced with new challenges, from stricter regulations to changes within the market and antibiotic resistance. MCS Diagnostics works closely with dairy farmers, and therefore understands both the challenges and the processes on your farm. Certainty and accurate controls are essential for staying ahead of problems, as well as testing methods that are fast, affordable and flexible.

Test (farm) milk for antibiotics wherever and whenever you want

MCS Diagnostics offers simple, rapid tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk. We offer a wide range of premium products from the leading manufacturer Charm, testing 75% of raw milk worldwide. Our assortment includes:

ROSA tests: this residue diagnostic test quickly detects specific (families of) nantibiotics in a convenient lateral flow format. This test is performed visually or with na reader, and provides results after only 3 to 8 minutes
CowSide II: this inhibition test detects multiple antibiotic families with one test, and reads visually after three hours

We also offer a variety of test kits for outdoor use and equipment, such as mobile testing systems, to make on-site testing as easy as possible—literally as well as figuratively, a check at the entrance gate to prevent problems. Together we can find the best solution for your dairy farm.

Test fast!

Test fast!

Together we can find the best solution for your dairy farm

But MCS Diagnostics is more than just a supplier. As a family business, personal service comes first, and our specialists continuously work together with you to offer you the best solution. We don’t just supply you with a product, but work with you to find the best application within the processes of your dairy farm. A proven method in which our ISO 9001 certification guarantees extra quality assurance.

Ready for the future of your dairy farm

Thanks to our in-house logistics center, we deliver the desired products quickly to your location. We also work closely with dairy farms to develop new products in our in-house laboratory. As a result, we understand the challenges within your farm and create products that are ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Curious about the best solutions for your dairy farm? Check out our rapid testing and detection solutions for dairy products and contact us for more information.

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MCS Diagnostics – Family Business and pioneer of microbial rapid tests & detection techniques

Food and care products without harmful micro-organisms may sound self-evident, but behind the scenes this requires reliable testing and the right expertise. MCS Diagnostics offers this expertise, along with premium solutions towards a safe and efficient production process. We are the international partner for companies in the dairy, food, cosmetics, clinical and veterinary sectors -but we are more than a supplier.

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