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Veterinary Microbiology.

MCS Diagnostics is a specialist in AST testing and detection techniques that contribute to a safer and more efficient research and production process. As an international partner for veterinary microbiology, we understand the challenges within this sector. In addition, we are already looking ahead to tomorrow and are also developing new innovative microbiological solutions that meet tomorrow’s challenges. Take a look at our products and feel free to contact us for more information.

The challenges of veterinary microbiology

As a partner within veterinary microbiology, you are constantly faced with new challenges, e.g., new regulations, but also increasing antimicrobial resistance. A watertight testing policy that provides clear insights into matters such as resistance determination or choice of the right antibiotics is therefore indispensable. That is why MCS Diagnostics is there to help you on your way to a safer, more efficient research and production process with
high-quality testing and detection solutions

Go for certainty with our veterinary antimicrobial susceptibility tests (AST)

The veterinary microbiology solutions in our range are designed with veterinary laboratories in mind. Thus, we therefore offer you a complete range of high-quality culture media, identification and susceptibility testing products. For example, the Sensititre ID/AST system is a flexible veterinary antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST). With over 40

veterinary-specific antimicrobials, this test is ideally suited for susceptibility testing with true MIC results and superior quality and reproducibility.
Our solutions excel in speed and simplicity, and are thus a valuable support for animal diagnostics and susceptibility testing. From proven standard tests to specific veterinary solutions—when you choose our solutions, you choose certainty.

Together we find the best solution for your laboratory

MCS Diagnostics is more than just a supplier. As a family business, personal service comes first, and our specialists continuously work together with you to offer you the best solution. We not only supply you with a product, but also help you to find the best application within your veterinary microbiological processes. A proven method, in which our ISO 9001 certification further guarantees extra quality assurance

Test fast!

Test fast!

Ready for the future of veterinary microbiology

Thanks to our own logistics center, we deliver the desired products quickly to your site. We also work closely with companies in the veterinary sector to develop new products in our in-house laboratory. As a result, we understand the challenges within your organization and create products that are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Curious about the best veterinary tests and solutions for your organization? Check out our rapid testing and detection solutions and contact us for more information

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MCS Diagnostics – Family Business and pioneer of microbial rapid tests & detection techniques

Food and care products without harmful micro-organisms may sound self-evident, but behind the scenes this requires reliable testing and the right expertise. MCS Diagnostics offers this expertise, along with premium solutions towards a safe and efficient production process. We are the international partner for companies in the dairy, food, cosmetics, clinical and veterinary sectors —but we are more than a supplier.

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