EZ Reach 4X sponge sampler

A better fit for larger applications


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Environmental monitoring requires collecting samples from a wide variety of surfaces, from assorted processing equipment and conveyors, to drains and expansive floor or wall surfaces. The EZ Reach™ sponge sampler family offers a range of sizes and functions to fit most sampling needs. The standard EZ Reach sampler, with its high purity polyurethane sponge and unique twist-off head can handle most applications. For more intensive sampling, the NEW EZ Reach 4X device can cover larger surface areas more effectively and efficiently.

EZ Reach 4X – A better fit for larger applications

Sometimes BIGGER is better and the EZ Reach™ 4X sponge sampler makes it easier to collect environmental samples from larger surface areas, like tanks, walls and ceilings. The 4X includes all the features of a standard EZ Reach including a durable polyurethane sponge, a bendable handle for better surface contact, and the unique twist-off action to easily separate the sponge from the handle.

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