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MCS Diagnostics supplies and develops premium rapid tests, test kits and detection solutions for food and beverages. We have been the pioneer and international partner for the food and beverage industry since 1997. As a result, we understand the challenges that may be involved in your company and its various processes, and help to design the best approach. In this way, our cost-saving solutions contribute to safe and efficient processing and to a safe end product. Take a look at our products and discover the solution that best suits your business.

The challenges of the food and beverage industry

As a company in the food and beverage industry, you not only have great responsibility, but also constantly face new challenges, from stricter regulations and processing standards to fickle consumers and, of course, new forms of contamination. As a food and beverage processor or producer, it is therefore necessary to develop your own comprehensive preventive testing program—an approach that protects both your own
food chain and consumers from intentional and unintentional biological and chemical hazards.

Rapid tests and test kits for food and beverages

A testing policy to ensure safety within your processes is therefore essential. MCS Diagnostics therefore offers premium quality products with which you can easily test wherever you want, get quick, accurate results, and contribute to a more efficient and safer production process.

Our product range includes:
Tests for microbial detection
ATP-based hygiene programs to improve food safety and quality
Antibiotic and mycotoxin tests for rapid and accurate detection
Allergen control tests based on ATP

Test your food and beverage products quickly and flexibly

We supply and develop a broad spectrum of rapid tests and test kits that address common challenges in food and beverage production. We understand that it is important to be able to test easily at any location. Therefore, we offer both indoor and outdoor test kits and mobile testing equipment such
as incubators that you can easily take with you. In this way, we make accurate testing, wherever and whenever you need it, as easy as possible.

Together we can find the best solution for your business

MCS Diagnostics is more than just a supplier. As a family business, personal service comes first, and our specialists continuously work together with you to offer you the best solution. We do not just supply you with a product, but also work together with you to find the best application within your food and beverage production processes a proven method in which our ISO 9001 certification guarantees extra quality assurance .

Test fast!

Test fast!

Ready for the future of the food and beverage industry

Thanks to our own logistics center, we deliver the desired products quickly to your site. We also work closely with companies in the beverage and food industry to develop new products in our in-house laboratory. As a result, we understand the challenges within your organization and create products that are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Curious about the best solutions for your food and beverage needs? Check out our rapid testing and detection solutions for your company and contact us for more information.

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MCS Diagnostics – Family Business and pioneer of microbial rapid tests & detection techniques

Food and care products without harmful micro-organisms may sound self-evident, but behind the scenes this requires reliable testing and the right expertise. MCS Diagnostics offers this expertise, along with premium solutions towards a safe and efficient production process. We are the international partner for companies in the dairy, food, cosmetics, clinical and veterinary sectors —but we are more than a supplier.

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