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MCS Diagnostics is an international supplier and developer of rapid testing and detection solutions for the feed and grain industry. We have been pioneers since 1997, creating test kits and equipment in cooperation with manufacturers that respond to the needs in today’s and tomorrow’s daily operations. Efficient and cost-effective solutions that contribute to a safe and consistent production process, from the land to the finished product. View our products and simply request information online.

A watertight testing policy is indispensable

In the grain industry, you are bound by a fickle market and increasingly stringent regulations. Measures to ensure product safety, both in processing and during transport, are therefore essential. A watertight, affordable and easily implementable testing policy is therefore indispensable. After all, a single incident of mycotoxins such as Aflatoxin M1 can cause a lot of problems.

Quantitative and qualitative rapid tests for the feed and grain industry

This is challenging, as mycotoxins and other undesirable substances can be present in animal feed and grain in various ways. Especially with the erratic weather conditions in recent years, the risk of mycotoxins has increased. There are also risks of pesticides that
can contaminate animal feed, for which we provide testing solutions.

MCS Diagnostics provides accurate and easy-to-perform qualitative and quantitative rapid tests to detect pesticides and mycotoxins such as DON, fumonisin, ochratoxin, T-2/HT-2 toxins and zearalenone. Tests that often provide clear test results in just a few minutes, enabling you to determine the appropriate action.

Together we can find the best solution for your business

But MCS Diagnostics is more than just a supplier. As a family business, personal service comes first, and our specialists continuously work together with you to offer you the best solution. We not only supply you with a product, but also work with you to find the best application within the processes of your grain storage or production facility. A proven method, in which our ISO 9001 certification provides extra quality assurance.

Test fast!

Test fast!

Ready for the future of the grain and feed industry

Thanks to our in-house logistics center, we quickly deliver the desired products to your site. We also work closely with companies in the grain and feed industry to develop new products in our in-house laboratory. As a result, we understand the challenges within your organization and create products that will meet tomorrow’s challenges. Curious about the best solutions for your grain storage or production facility? Then take a look at our rapid testing and detection solutions for your business and feel free to contact us for more information.

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MCS Diagnostics – Family Business and pioneer of microbial rapid tests & detection techniques

Food and care products without harmful micro-organisms may sound self-evident, but behind the scenes this requires reliable testing and the right expertise. MCS Diagnostics offers this expertise, along with premium solutions towards a safe and efficient production process. We are the international partner for companies in the dairy, food, cosmetics, clinical and veterinary sectors —but we are more than a supplier.S

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