Charm Sciences is the global leader in rapid diagnostic tests across many industries. We achieved our reputation through our commitment to developing reliable, simple and innovative technologies that meet (and even foresee) our customer’s needs. We work closely with regulatory agencies to obtain validations, and are used as the diagnostics testing supplier of choice for many.

Our 3 factories in Massachusetts manufacture all reagents, equipment, even software and firmware. Because of this vertical integration, our customers have access to the same core test manufactured under different sensitivities as per their requirements. We can easily customize a solution for our customers’ needs.

As a company built on innovation, Charm Sciences continues to lead the way in providing cutting edge tests to meet the most demanding requirements. It is our goal—and source of pride— to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Charm Sciences’ Quality Policy

Charm Sciences is committed to providing and continually improving safe, effective, and sustainable high quality food safety diagnostics (tests, equipment, and services) that meet or exceed regulatory requirements, label and sales literature claims, and customer needs.

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