Peel Plate Colony Counter


Quickly and Accurately Count and Document Microbial Colonies
The Peel Plate Colony Counter is designed to quickly and accurately count and document microbial colonies from peel plate tests. It’s ready to go – just plug it in – no separate computer is needed. Simply put a peel plate test into the counter and press count.


The Peel Plate Colony Counter takes a picture of the plate and the state-of-the-art image processor accurately counts the colonies. Both images and test results are stored in a secure database. The internal database can optionally be moved to a network for virtually unlimited storage. Either way, test results can be exported to an Excel report, or set up for direct integration into a LIMS system.

Regular calibration checks help prevent counting errors before they happen. If the Peel Plate Colony Counter detects an abnormality on the plate, such as large colonies, alerts appear in order to notify the user.

The optional barcode and QR scanners simplify organizing and querying test results. Best of all…the whole thing takes less than four seconds.

Results calculated in 4 seconds or less
Robust data tracking and analysis for improved documentation
Accurate and customizable with unique channels programmed for product types
Secure with individual Operator ID and passwords to protect data integrity
Self-contained – no additional computer needed for collecting data
Compatible with all 1mL Peel Plate tests (Aerobic, Coliform, E.coli/coliform, Enterbacteriaceae, Heterotrophic, Yeast and Mold).

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