FieldSwab ATP Swab


The Charm FieldSwab ATP swabs enable food safety programs to be implemented outdoors. Like the PocketSwab Plus ATP swab, the FieldSwab rapidly detects ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as a measure of surface cleanliness. This is done by measuring the light units produced when ATP reacts with luciferin/ luciferase. The FieldSwab has a light-blocking cover to prevent interferences from daylight and uses a specially calibrated channel on the novaLUM luminometer.

The FieldSwab provides outdoor sanitation monitoring in 30 seconds. It is ideal for testing food grade trucks, including gaskets and hoses. Grain producers can test bins, conveyors, rail cars, screeners, and other equipment. In the field, produce manufacturers can test harvesting equipment, blades, belts, chutes, irrigation equipment, and other farming equipment.


  • Accurate readings outdoors with novaLUM luminometer.
  • Results in 30 seconds.
  • Enables immediate remediation.
  • Room temperature shelf life of one year.
  • Recycle or discard in regular waste.

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