EZ Reach ​Split-Sampler

2 samples from 1 device


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Environmental monitoring requires collecting samples from a wide variety of surfaces, from assorted processing equipment and conveyors, to drains and expansive floor or wall surfaces.  The EZ Reach™ sponge sampler family offers a range of sizes and functions to fit most sampling needs. For those times when you need to perform multiple analysis from a single sample, the EZ Reach Split-Sampler device allows you to easily convert 1 sample into 2 without compromising sensitivity or sample integrity.

EZ Reach ​Split-Sampler – 2 samples from 1 device

The EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler solves the problem of how to reliably analyze a single environmental test point for multiple pathogens or groups of indicator organisms. The Split-Sampler includes all of the innovative features of the standard EZ Reach but allows users to easily separate a single sample into two distinct samples for downstream analysis without the risk of incidental contamination from cutting sponges in the laboratory or compromising sensitivity.


  • Eliminates imprecise sampling of adjacent areas.
  • Prevents need to cut sponges at the laboratory.
  • Reduces cost of using 2 separate sampling devices.
  • Ideal for Salmonella and Listeria sampling.

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